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Unveiling the Urban ReLeaf Community of Practice

3min • November 2023

Fostering Inclusive Green Urban Transitions! An Urban ReLeaf workshop, “Building a Community of Practice for Inclusive and Sustainable Urban Green Transitions through Citizen-Powered Science” unveiled…

Urban ReLeaf a case study in a New European Bauhaus report

2min • October 2023

Urban ReLeaf is featured as a case study in European Committee of the Regions – New European Bauhaus (NEB) report ‘The New European Bauhaus at the local and regional…

New report for download ‘Pioneering inclusive citizen participation in urban greening policies’

3min • August 2023

A landscape report on policy processes and opportunities for inclusive participation. Urban ReLeaf has published a new report that analyses the policy landscape as well…

The ‘Urban ReLeaf Data Ecosystem Map’ for pilot cities

3min • July 2023

The “Urban ReLeaf Data Ecosystem Map” deliverable offers a comprehensive overview of urban greening and relevant data ecosystems across our six pilot cities, Athens, Cascais,…

​Adaptive community-based urban planning for the wellbeing of citizens

2min • June 2023

Riga is increasingly noting the effects of climate change with rising city temperatures. This makes it all the more important to use the cities’ greenspaces…

Co-creating inclusive strategies for green spaces in Utrecht

3min • June 2023

Utrecht is experiencing hotter, drier summers due to climate change, but not everyone has access to cool, green spaces. This puts vulnerable populations at greater…