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Green Guidelines

Urban ReLeaf is committed to prioritising sustainability and reducing environmental impact by developing a green communication policy that aligns with our research and innovation goals. Our approach focuses on best practices and lessons learned in applying the guidelines, which will evolve and be shared as the project develops. 

We will prioritise stakeholder messages that adhere to our communications strategy, minimising unnecessary ‘push’ communications and targeting audience-appropriate digital communication channels.  

Reduced print

We aim to minimise the use of paper and therefore resource use and reduce transportation-related emissions for the delivery, printing and distribution of printed materials.  

Where print materials are necessary, we will adhere to environmentally conscious design principles whilst meeting accessibility guidelines.  

  • Use recycled paper and print on both sides, 
  • Reduce the font size and margins and optimise the text on each page. 
Sustainable event management

We will minimise our environmental footprint by seeking ways to reduce, reuse and recycle resources e.g. workshop participant badges, multi-use materials including pens and paper, use of environmentally friendly materials and sustainable catering options. 

Green web hosting

The University of Dundee is hosting the website in the UK. It is adapting to environmentally conscious web hosting, and renewable energy sources and is implementing energy-efficient practices to ensure the project website is eco-friendly. 


Urban ReLeaf extends our green communications policy to project and partner travel. We will conduct meetings, conferences and public engagement online where practical. 

We will communicate and encourage partners and participants to procure green travel options when attending project activities and events in person.