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 We innovate together to empower citizens and create liveable,  greener and resilient  urban cities for all

Volunteer in your city

Discover how to participate in one of our six pilots in Athens, Cascais, Dundee, Mannheim, Riga or Utrecht and start collecting environmental data in your neighbourhood.

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Join our Working Groups

Urban ReLeaf is hosting three Working Groups as part of its Community of Practice.

Calls for participation will be launched in January 2024 and January 2025. More information will follow in our newsletter and on social media.

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Triggering innovation in public authorities with citizen-powered science.

Coupling citizen science & Earth Observation for European Green Deal & UN SDG 11 monitoring.

Urban design foresight for Nature Based Solutions (NBS) & Blue Green Infrastructure (BGI) scenario planning.

Our vision for future cities.

Urban ReLeaf believes in empowering vulnerable communities to shape climate change mitigation and green infrastructure actions in their neighbourhoods. Citizens in six cities across Europe are taking part in data collection campaigns on heat stress, humidity and air quality to improve the quality of life in their districts.

Comprehensive and reliable urban data ecosystems will allow policy-makers to develop more effective, tailored, city-specific strategies in the fight against climate change. Together, these can strengthen our cities, making them more resilient, liveable, and accessible for all.