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Mannheim Launches Tree Registry Campaign at the City’s First Greening Fair

3 min read • 9th July 2024

On Saturday, 8 June 2024, The Kapuzinerplanken, in the city centre of Mannheim was transformed into a green oasis dedicated to urban greening. The first Greening Fair, which was organised with the support of the newly founded Greening Network, was a remarkable success and a perfect start to the first Urban ReLeaf campaign in Mannheim.

A Day Dedicated to Urban Greening 

The fair brought together experts, start-ups, municipal departments, and citizens with the common goal of making the city greener. From facade greening to natural gardens, the event covered a wide range of topics, all centred around the theme of creating a greener urban environment.

Unveiling the App ‘Urban ReLeaf – Mannheim’s trees‘ 

Amongst numerous insightful programmes, the unveiling of the newly developed app ‘Urban ReLeaf – Mannheim’s Trees’ was a highlight of the day. It was presented to the press by the first mayor of the city of Mannheim, Mrs Pretzell. This innovative app aims to involve citizens in the greening process by enabling them to register the city’s trees. In her speech, the mayor spoke passionately about the importance of urban greenery and emphasized how Urban ReLeaf aligns with the city’s commitment to sustainability and community involvement. 

A Successful Start to the Campaign 

The Urban Greening Fair proved to be the perfect launch pad for the Urban ReLeaf campaign. The event not only raised awareness about the importance of urban greening but also actively involved the community in the process. With the app now available, residents can start mapping the city’s trees, contributing valuable data to the municipal tree registry. 

Looking Ahead 

The success of the Greening Fair and the launch of the Urban ReLeaf app marks the beginning of an exciting journey for Mannheim. As we move forward, the Urban ReLeaf campaign invites every citizen to get involved. Whether by documenting a tree in your neighbourhood, attending future events, or spreading the word, your participation is crucial. Together, we can make Mannheim greener and more liveable, one tree at a time.

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