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Engaging Communities for Climate Resilience: A Recap of the Urban ReLeaf Workshop at EURESFO 2024 

3 min read • 5th July 2024

As part of the 11th European Urban Resilience Forum (EURESFO), hosted in Valencia, European Green Capital 2024, the interactive workshop “Co-creating Inclusive Climate Adaptation Solutions” took centre stage on 27 June. Held in the Sala Lucrecia Bori at the Palau de la Música, this session explored how communities can effectively shape climate adaptation strategies through participatory approaches. 

The workshop underscored the importance of involving communities most affected by climate impacts, such as heatwaves and flooding, in the planning and implementation of adaptation measures. By integrating local knowledge and needs, more effective and equitable climate solutions can be developed. 

Participants engaged in five real-world case studies from Malmö, Dresden, Rome, Messinia, and Utrecht. These studies were informed by the projects Adaptation AGORA, UrbanReLeaf, and ACCTING, offering diverse perspectives and experiences in citizen engagement. Local experts facilitated each case, providing valuable insights into the tools and methodologies that foster community participation. 

The Urban ReLeaf session highlighted Utrecht’s approach to co-creating climate adaptation solutions. Albin Hunia (Urban Nature Policy Advisor, Utrecht Municipality), Müller Oliveira (Expert in Green and Digital Transformation, ICLEI Europe), and Karen Naciph Mora (Expert in Biodiversity and Nature-Based Solutions, ICLEI Europe) led discussions on evolving beyond traditional policy-making to support citizen-science and co-created planning, identifying necessary changes within public organisations to facilitate inclusive climate solutions, and exploring practical strategies for ensuring the inclusion of vulnerable groups in climate adaptation efforts through adaptable governance models.

This workshop forms part of the broader Multilevel Governance, Cooperation and Just Transition stream at EURESFO, dedicated to fostering resilient cities that leave no one behind. The exchange of ideas and best practices during this session provided a valuable foundation for advancing citizen-engaged climate adaptation across Europe. 

For further details on the session, visit the EURESFO page