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Cascais launches “An urban park for the future” campaign

2 min read • 3rd May 2024

Urban Releaf introduces an exciting opportunity for citizens to contribute their ideas toward climate-adapted urban green spaces, enhancing the attractiveness and resilience of cities.

The City of Cascais is inviting all citizens, including the school community, senior citizens, and visitors, to take part in gathering information to assess thermal and bioclimatic comfort while experiencing local urban green spaces.  

Cascais wants to understand how well our urban green spaces might support resilience in the face of climate change, and how nature-based solutions can help.

We are looking for participation from 1500 citizens in this activity. From this we hope to make our urban green spaces more enjoyable as well as develop a comprehensive thermal comfort map for Cascais.

To make this project a success we need collaboration and solutions designed together with decision-makers and citizens, enabling new policies for urban spaces that are better adapted to climate change.

For more information, or if you are interested to take part in this campaign, please contact: