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Urban ReLeaf inspired poem at COP28 UAE

2 min read • 11th December 2023

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The poem ‘Super Sleuths of the Streets’ by Liv Torc, Hot Poets, is live at #COP28 UAE on 8 December, 2023. The performance and poem is a part of the UNFCCC Resilience Frontiers programme.

It tells the story of Urban ReLeaf from 10 years into the future, and features all six pioneering cities and the citizens of Athens, Cascais, Dundee, Mannheim, Riga, and Utrecht.

Liv Torc said,

Writing ‘Super Sleuths of the Streets’ through the lens of the UNFCCC Resilience Frontiers future visioning gave me the chance to creatively manifest what an Urban Releaf world could look like in 10 years time – because if we can imagine it, then we can make it happen… “

Resilience Frontiers is a first-of-its-kind UN initiative with a remit to embolden the global mindset and at COP28 they focus on ‘the transformational power of creative arts’.

‘Super Sleuths of the Streets’ is aligned to Resilience Frontiers ‘Pathway 3’ Global Access to Big Data & Information, one of 8 pathways to the Future.

Youssef Nassef, Director, UNFCCC said,

“We can create a sustainable society and the types of desirable futures we want beyond 2030. But we need to think a bit differently. We need to think, a bit less through a problem/solution mentality and more through one of creative design of the future.” 

Access the Resilience Frontiers COP28 programme below.