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Launching The Urban ReLeaf Blueprint for Inclusive Citizen Engagement

2 min read • 28th November 2023

Front cover for an Urban ReLeaf report

The latest open access deliverable from the Urban ReLeaf project – a Blueprint for Inclusive Citizen Science Engagement Strategies is available for download.

The report is dedicated to addressing inclusive engagement strategies. Marginalised communities face disproportionate environmental and climate injustices, even within the Global North.

This is a roadmap for more equitable engagement in Citizen Science and it will be taken up within the Urban ReLeaf cities. It is also relevant and applicable for other projects who are require guidance to engage a greater diversity of participants in their activities.

Key Points for readers to explore:

  • Recognition of the debate around the term “Citizen Science”, welcoming discussions on vulnerability and inclusivity, and investigating the adverse effects of exclusionary processes within Citizen Science.
  • Inclusive Citizen Science diversifies perspectives improves data quality, and fosters public trust in scientific outcomes.
  • The Blueprint for Inclusive Citizen Science Engagement is divided into four phases and eight steps, offering a comprehensive guide for cities. 
  • Phase I outcomes provide insights from workshops held in six Urban ReLeaf pilot cities, empowering informed decision-making.